LED Experiments


An experiment combining CNCd wood, rowlux diffuser film, and LEDs. Made out of several layers of plywood, this would have turned out better on a laser cutter.

Rainbow Squares and Triangles

Experiments with a table router, rowlux diffuser film, and LEDs led to these little rainbow squares and triangles. The triangles were gifts to my siblings, and the squares are great portable festival art. I usually hang them from trees or on walls and power with a USB battery. Instant party!



An experiment in making a tree out of twisted wire and little plastic flowers. Containing 256 addressable LEDs, each with 4 wires, resulted in a trunk of 1024 wires all twisted together. It made for a beautiful structure once coated with latex and copper paint.

Unfortunately electrical gremlins from so many wires combined with the inaccessibility of a fully latexed piece doomed this project. A branch of the tree failed a few months after completion and there's no way to fix it.

I'd love to make another one, once I figure out a more reliable way to construct one.