Gene Made This


I built this 6' diameter LED sculpture out of some LED tubes I inherited. I designed and fabricated the assembly brackets, wiring, and electronics. Controlled by a Pixelblaze with custom 3D mapping.


Inspired by Stargate and a festival's silly Cheese theme, I made this Cheesegate. An experiment in creating a game with no written labels or instructions, the podium contained a dialer with a puzzle. By using the 21 buttons to mix red-green-blue, players could "open" the gate by aligning all 7 Cheese-rons to the same color.


An early pandemic project to fill an empty wall in my dining room. Inspired by the East Bay section of BART, the lights move to resemble trains (although not real-time, that would be too boring).

I enjoy mixing unexpected materials, and this project combined stained wood and LEDs.


Inspired by my love of unusual geometry, this structure combines a regular heptagon from one aspect and an isosceles triangle from another to create a form that's both simple and complex. Framing a lake on a private property in Mendocino County, the heptagon serves as a destination and a photo spot for visitors.

Other LED Experiments

I've made a bunch of other LED stuff over the years. Some is almost good enough to show off!

Other Crafty Stuff

Some other random stuff I've made. Boxes, guitar hangers, digital photo frames, dinosaurs, etc.


In 2021 I co-founded and served as Technical Director for Nocturne-X, an interactive exhibition that ran for 3 months at Gray Area in SF.

Built over the preceding 6 months by a team of over 100 local artists and craftspeople, the exhibit attracted over 10,000 paying visitors, as well as a number of sell-out parties.

My job was to make sure the art worked with the tech and the tech worked with the art. This means I had my hands in nearly all the pots of this big project.